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Update 1.0.3, released date Dec. 9th features the following:

• 5 Levels added for Irresponsible Dad
• Link to support site added to the info menu
• Bottles have been added to the editor
• Fixed collision values in shapes in the editor
• Fixed an issue which caused jets to fire for twice as long as intended
• Minor bug fixes

Update 1.0.2, released date Sept. 12th features the following:

•Fixes a bug that caused a crash upon startup for some users.

Update 1.0.1, released date Sept. 11th features the following:

• You can play Happy Wheels while you listen to your music.
• Wireless controller support during gameplay (menu control coming later)
• The special button's (jump for Business Guy) hit area is slightly larger.
• Opening a .happywheels file imports that level. It can then be played/deleted from the load level menu in the editor. You no longer have to search through emails or iMessages to find a level you were sent.
• Better physics (fewer objects going through walls)
• Blue loading screen displays for shorter period of time.
• Minor bugs/tweaks.
• Fixed some shameful typos.
• Fixed an issue which could prevent saving levels in the editor.
• Fixed an issue which could cause app size to bloat when repeatedly opening .happywheels files.
• Bug fix related to using blades in the editor.
• Bug fix related to sharing a level in editor before saving.
• When you share a level that forces a single character, you can no longer change characters during gameplay.

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